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  • Site updated to latest release

    here are some of the new features of the site

    Site Builder
    • The Site Builder menu has been reworked and separated from the User Menu. Now it will appear on top of the entire page. This will allow the menu to be used at more resolutions without wrapping. When one of the Site Builder panels is active on the screen, the User Menu will no longer be shown on the screen.
    • Administrators can now set permissions to restrict the viewing of modules to specific usergroups. This is handled in the configuration of individual modules.

    • Google Map for event locations. When entering a landmark name or address as the event location the system will give the option to embed a Google Map for users. Maps can be previewed before saving the event. This feature requires an API Key from Google. (
    • Events that span the end of the month will properly appear in the Calendar module.

    • The Subscription Page has been updated so that it works properly in Responsive.
    • Sorting on the Member's List is now easier to use within Responsive.

    • Updated the handling of the searchlog table in order to control its size. This will help prevent performance issues with building pages and creating new content.
    • Added an external file that allows the running of Scheduled Tasks via the server's cron/scheduled task system. This will allow separation of these tasks from the web server.